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AMSEC Burglary & Fire Resistive Safe
The BF Series safes carry BOTH the U.L. class 350 F, one hour fire rating--keeping valuables safe from temperatures up to 1700 F--AND the RSC residential security container burglary rating. Each safe is accented in a durable granite textured finish, chrome plated dial and an elegant plush velour interior. In addition, each safe comes equipped with an exclusive internal anchoring system and adjustable shelves to suit your particular needs. Unsurpassed quality, U.L. ratings and value make the BF series the first choice among America's most discriminating buyers. Premier high gloss finish available in onyx (black), hunter green, burgundy, pearl, navy, teal and champagne. Complimented with brass or polished crhome hardware and scrollwork. Starting at $1771.00
AMSEC Depository Safes
Even though the safe is locked, deposits can be made via a top loading rotary hopper or a front loading deposit door. AMSEC's exclusive saw tooth baffle resists contents from being removed through the deposit opening. A wide variety of sizes and designs are available to suit your exact security requirements. Each safe can be equipped with a Group II lock. Bank service dual control key locks or electronic key pad locks with management features such as time delay, duress control or multiple users. Reversed doors available on the 2014 and 2714 sizes. Starting at $964.00