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I have desks and filing cabinet locks with no keys. Can you cut keys from the number on the lock? In most cases yes, we can cut keys by number for almost all makes of furniture. Should I have my locks re-keyed when I move into a new home? It's always a good idea to have your locks changed whether moving into a new or used home or office. How do I know if my locks are secure? All exterior doors on your home or office should have a Grade 2 quality deadbolt with a minimum 1" throw. My sliding patio doors at home have a sliding latch built onto the door, is it secure? In most cases NO! It would only take a burglar a few seconds to force open a latch found on most patio doors. A Charlie Bar or bolt lock should be installed as well as shims on the upper frame to prevent doors from being forced off the track. I have a concern about loaning my house key out to babysitters and contractors, should I be worried? If you feel a need to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys, simply have high security or restricted key locks installed. This would prevent anyone from duplicating your keys without your authorization. You will also increase the security of you house or office at the same time.