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·Bolt Holdback: While bolt is held fully retracted, a reverse turn of the key retains the bolt, allowing the door to be free swinging. ·Cylinder Backset: 7/8”, 31/32”, 1-1/8” or 1-1/2” only ·Latchbolt: 1/2” x 1” x 1/2” throw. All metal with hardened steel internal pins. Handing is reversible without special tools. ·Accepts most manufacturers aftermarket cylinders Starting at $52.00
swing-up bolt
·Operation: 360° turn of key or thumbturn throws or retracts the counterbalanced bolt. ·Key can be removed only when bolt is in a positively locked or unlocked position. ·Cylinder Backset: 7/8", 31/32”, 1-1/8”, or 1-1/2” only ·Accepts most manufacturers aftermarket cylinders Starting at $52.00
Push paddle
·The push Paddle is an ergonomically-friendly alternative to a knob or lever handle. Operate with a simple push or pull. ·Available in four modes: push to left, push to right, pull to left, and pull to right. ·Clear Anodized finish, Dark Bronze Anodized and Black Anodized are available. Starting at $54.00
·Designed to operate Deadlatches by a natural downward hand movement, these handles incorporate an activator cam disc that mounts on the handles escutcheon and fits solidly into the cylinder hole of the latch. Not intended for use as a door pull. ·ADA Compliant lever is shaped to fit the hand, with a concave thumb-rest portion that tends to keep knuckles and thumb safely away from the jamb, even on a short backset narrow stile. ·Clear Anodized finish &Dark Bronze Anodized are available. Starting at $48.00
continuous hinges
·Extend the life of your entrance ·High traffic doors ·Wide doors ·Replace butt/pivot hinges Starting at $235.00