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Door sweeps
Save energy with a Door Sweep! The sweep closes gaps of up to 3 in. between the door and threshold and installs easily with the included fasteners. ·Screws onto the bottom edge of a door ·Seals gap up to 3 in. high between bottom of door and threshold ·Fits a wide variety of door sizes (call for details) ·Included fasteners help make installation easy ·durable construction ·comes in either Brush type or Neoprene to suit your needs ·Silver or brown colour Starting at $28.50
Weatherstrip Kit
Weatherstripping around openings, is used in buildings to keep out weather, increase interior comfort, lower utility bills, and reduce noise. ·Screws onto frame ·Seals gaps around your door ·Can be installed on a different variety of door heights ·Durable construction ·Silver or brown Colour Starting at $68.50
Installed below a door, thresholds offer many benefits to weatherproof your building. ·Creates a barrier to prevent water from seeping in under doors ·Fills in large gaps between concrete and door bottom ·Allows sweeps to properly seal ·Can be ordered for a variety of applications (call for details) Starting at $35.80